by Body Stacker

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released April 6, 2016



all rights reserved


Body Stacker Denver, Colorado

Body Stacker emerged from the bubbling ooze of the Earth's core in 2012 to produce ripping thrash metal.

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Track Name: THE ARENA
A valley long forsaken by the sun
Multiple dimensions funnel into one
This is where the best they come to die
Hulking fucking beings, no fear in their eye
Sharpening their weapons while they wait
Hear the crowd roar, another meets his fate
Standing in your armor by the gate
The crushing of skulls underneath your feet

Survival and death
The Arena, claim your prize
Survival and death
The Arena, everyone dies

The gate opens and the crowd roars
Make your first kill they only want more
Bone snapper head bludgeoner
This one is sick, the blade it the cure
Gazing on down Sulfurious
He alone judges everyone of us
If he judges your performance weak
Your mortal fucking soul his to fucking keep

One on one
Covered in blood as it’s blinding your eyes
Fight to death
Gain the upper hand as your anger starts to rise
Sword through skin
Cut his fucking head off as he falls to the ground
Claim Victory
Sulfurious fucking laughs as he turns his thumb down
I’m coming down the street, coming after you
You never see me coming and you don’t know what to do
You turn to look behind you, it’s already too late
Your face is fucking smashed and you’re left to your fate
A sick and twisted feeling deep inside of me
Gushing of your blood is what I want to see
Gut a fucking human anyone will do
Equally worthless I guess we’ll start with you

I hate you and your fucking face
In my eyes you are a disgrace
Fear is a fiend and it lives in your heart
You were fucked from the very start

I’m hacking and slashing and holding you down
You try to resist
Begging and screaming and grabbing my arm
I must in insist
There is no emotion no rhyme or reason why
You have no hope
Digging in the knife my boot on your face
Peel away the skin until one spot remains

Boot Bruise
Terror from beyond, disgusting and cruel
Bubbling out from the ooze
Breeding out weakness, the masters create
Injected and infected with hate
Ancient mystic power is used to control
Their minds and their putrid black souls
Nefarious intentions you can not understand
Ripping human beings in half their master fucking plan
An unsuspecting city taken by surprise
Storming out a crack in the sky
Thunderous stampede toppling your city
These creatures laugh and they feel no pity
Disgusting shrieking howl, spiraling through the air
Nowhere to hide you’re left with despair
The boars are coming closer you’re lost with no hope
Nowhere to run nowhere to hide as you begin to motherfucking choke

20 feet tall
Super fucking pissed
Turning your body
Into a red mist
Coming down the street
There’s no way to stop

Wild bloodthirsty boars from the X-Dimension who are infected with AIDS

Going into hiding living underground
Pray that you’ll never be found
Try to fight back organize a plan
Their hooves rush every last man
They gather in the desert far to the west
Surviving me assemble their best
Locked and loaded armed to the teeth
A hopeless fucking mission to save humanity
You come to the valley they’ve gathered in the dirt
Iron tusks scrape a barren earth
Digging to the center bathed in mystic light
The men charge to finish the fight
The ground is soaking wet stomped out human guts
A few are left to witness the rest
The beasts reach the core inferno in the sky
The entire earth is burned alive the masters design

Tearing you asunder ripped from limb to limb
There is nothing you can do to stop the bloodthirsty boars
Track Name: SCUMFUCK
Drink. Puke. Fuck.
Drunk. Fuck. Puke.
Fight. Fall. Down.
Who. Cares.
Now it’s time to thrash
And kick some fucking ass
First let's drink some booze
You don’t like it then fuck you

I’m the fucking shit and a hypocrite
Sorry that I stole your girlfriend's car
Covered in piss taste my fucking fist
The foul stench makes you fucking choke

Who the fuck are you
Point me to the booze
I drink therefore I am
Get drunk because I can

Running up a tab and crawling out the back
Trade your fucking car for a big ass bag of crack
Getting fucking blown make myself known
I don’t give a fuck I’m a worthless scumfuck
Track Name: STACK 'EM HIGH
Living is a lie Dying is the way
Blacken your existence with pain
Don’t try to run Don’t try to resist
All that will get you is the brunt of my fist
Riders from beyond toxic and insane
Never ending penchant for blood
Hammer snap bone unstoppable war
A swirling black cloud of smoke and gore

You might as well stack yourself
There is no hope of any escape
Ten foot tall mutant men
Stomping your guts into a grate
Nothing but a ruined corpse
Throw you on the pile it climbs so high
Spiralling out of control
The only choice left is how to die

Stack ‘Em High
Stack the bodies to the sky

Engines of war fueled by blood
Leaving the entire earth scorched
Crawling in the dirt try to get away
Strapped to the wall to be choked and flayed
Writhing in pain puking up blood
Teeth broken off at the gum
Everything you know burned to the ground
Tossed in the pile where you’ll never be found